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Book Your Group At Villas Aracari Today!

Villas Aracari is not your ordinary accommodation; it's the perfect haven for group travel. With accommodations for up to 30 people, our spacious and comfortable villas offer the ideal setting for large gatherings: a school trip, a corporate retreat, or a traveling team. 

Our property is designed to provide ample space and privacy for everyone, ensuring that each member of your group can enjoy their slice of paradise while staying connected.


One of our standout features is our brand-new commercial kitchen, where we cook delicious local cuisine for your group! No need to shuffle the group out. Instead, stay put and enjoy your meals from the pool, taking in the world-class views of the Central Valley. 


At Villas Aracari, we understand that group travel is all about the shared experiences and the adventures that unfold. That's why we're perfectly situated as a hub for travel throughout Costa Rica. 

Explore the stunning landscapes, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture of this beautiful country, and return to the comfort and warmth of Villas Aracari each day. 


We're conveniently located near SJO Airport, making it easy for your group to start and end your Costa Rican journey.


We're not just another cookie-cutter hotel. Our property exudes character and charm, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Central Valley. We're deeply experienced in hosting group travelers, understanding the unique needs and desires of those seeking an exceptional and tailored experience. 


When you choose Villas Aracari for your group travel, you choose a place where memories are made, adventures are embraced, and bonds are strengthened.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more & book!

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